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Swati Shuvangkar Third Anniversary You will meet many types of people in your life. Some will say 3, some will say 5, and others will say 7 billion. Whatever the number is, I am sure, you will meet a type of person who will change your life and always be there for you, care for you and make your life smoother than before. Swati is that kind of person in my life.

I met Swati in 2018 on Facebook. It was the month of November and I was working on a project at EEE underground lab with Mahinur. We used to chat a lot at that time. It was like writing two lines of code and then instructing Mahinur to test and chat with Swati for another 10 minutes. Those were very good and enjoyable moments of my life. I used to say to Ashis Pal, why everything you do, is so smooth? That time, I also realized that things are smooth if you are with the right person. Finally, we got married after 7 months, 2019. Our marriage went well. Thanks to my sister, my in-laws, my friends, and juniors. And, Thanks to Abir Ahsan Akib. I never had the opportunity to tell you.

Getting married was always a fantasy for Swati and me it was like a lot of reality. I used to tell Swati that living together means you have to adjust a lot of things with your partner that you never know before. At that time, I had a bunch of bad habits that were not considered normal: Working late at night, getting up late after 11:00 AM, and Not knowing how to praise the food. Because we never did that to our mother or sister. We always take it for granted. One day, Swati asked, how is the cooking? I said “ভালই হয়েছে।” I never feel before that there is a huge difference between “ভালো হয়েছে” and “ভালই হয়েছে”।

Swati is always punctual in everything. She gets up early morning, plans everything, eats on time, and take bath on time. On the other hand, I used to be a master procrastinator, with indiscipline in every possible way. I do not have much family time. Do not eat on time and am always busier than I should be. I was such a pile of a mess at that time. O, God! I don’t know how did she like me!

I was such a master procrastinator that I completed my B.Sc. on 2017 and in 2019 I was still procrastinating to sit for GRE. You know, you have nothing to do when you have pressure from higher authority! Finally, I had to sit for GRE, let alone the score. We had a serious financial crisis after marriage. Also, I lost all interest on Job sector in Bangladesh after a bitter experience in my first job. And you know, I used to get up late and I thought that I could not change that. I was the kind of person having a fixed mindset. Swati pushed me to look for a job. I told you before, that you have nothing to do if you have pressure from higher authority.

After getting the job at Adorsho PraniSheba things changed a lot. I am always thankful to PraniSheba and will remember them all the time. COVID-19 hit at that time and I was working from home. COVID was a terrible experience for many people. But, for us, it was a kind of blessing. It was the first time after the marriage, we started to live happily. We together started improving our life gradually. We improved our food habits together. Cut carbohydrates and sugar from our diet as much as we can. One example is we used to use green papaya instead of potatoes on all menus. Everybody gained wait at that time but we did not. That’s a long story, I will write another day about how did we manage our weight and do cooking in a short time.

Then. I got admission in 2020 at Clarkson University for the fall semester. But, could not come due to COVID-19. I also lost my funding. We became sad again.

Finally, we came to the USA on 7th July 2021 after struggling for 1 and half years hoping to start a new life. I had to change my field of interest. Swati was also trying her best to manage admission and funding. Together we went through a lot of struggles. That’s a long story. Maybe another day.

It was April 2022. Swati got full funding admission at Clarkson University. Finally, her hard work paid off. We became so happy. Swati got more confident the before. I used to tell her, that people need only one success to become confident and have momentum in life. Finally, I felt that she got it. We planned a lot of things for the fall,2022 semester. Go for classes together, take the same course, buy a car, decorate our home, make YouTube videos on “Research Hack” that I have developed for doing research smartly, writing blogs on my site regularly. We went to Bangladesh this July for her visa with a lot of hopes. But, you know “Man proposes God disposes”. It is very frustrating when you have nothing to do in your favor.

I like the sine wave more than the cos wave because It always starts from zero and I always treat the cos wave-like “বেশী বুঝে” because it starts from the peak. I always thought that life is like a sine wave. There is no happily ever after things like movies or stories. You will have happy moments like the peak and sad moments like the valley. All that matter is, never stop the wave and try to make SNR(Signal-To-Noise Ratio) positive as much as possible so that you have more signal than noise.

That’s why I and Swati never wait to celebrate happy moments. We always tried to celebrate happy moments instantly. You never know what comes 10 minutes later.

From that opposite pole person, I am on the same pole as her. We get up at 5:00 AM, do everything properly, plan properly, do not procrastinate things, have a good life, maintain a healthy food habit, go for walk every day, tell stories every day after dinner and watch movies frequently, read books daily. Moreover, Not doing bad in my Ph.D. and coursework. Before I believed in the fixed mindset, Now I am improving my growth mindset. Before I had little family time, Now I have enough family time after doing all the professional responsibilities. Before I believe that working hard makes a person successful, Now I believe that working smartly makes people successful. You do not only need a little discipline and planning to manage everything but also need the right partner. I always regret that I should know her earlier. I would be in a better position than I am in now. Thanks a lot to YOU for making my life better and awesome in every possible way. Happy marriage anniversary LOVE <3 . We will be together soon.

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