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  • vagrant Verify vagrant installation
  • vagrant init hashicorp/bionic64 This will create a Vagrantfile in current directory
  • vagrant up start the virtual machine from the Vagrantfile configuration
  • vagrant halt shutdown VM preserving content of the disk
  • vagrant reload This will quickly restart your virtual machine, skipping the initial import step
  • vagrant reload --provision The provision flag on the reload command instructs Vagrant to run the provisioners, since usually Vagrant will only do this on the first vagrant up
  • vagrant supend Stop the virtual machine and save the current state
  • vagrant ssh SSH into the machine
  • vagrant destroy Destroy the virtual machine
  • vagrant box list show the list of downloaded box
  • vagrant box remove hashicorp/bionic64 vagrant destroy does not remove the downloaded box. remove command delete the downloaded box
  • ls /vagrant Explore the sync folder between host and guest machine

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